Barn Renovations and the Importance of Authentic Barn Door Hardware

Barn door hardware

Barn conversions are amazing to live in – they’re specious, they’re homely, and they have a great atmosphere – but carrying out a tasteful and respectful barn conversion, keeping the general look and feel true to the building is difficult – and it requires more than just buying the right barn door hardware, although picking the right parts certainly helps!

When you’re renovating your barn, it’s important to have an interior design philosophy that is rooted in keeping the building authentic – otherwise you’ll end up with an almost schizophrenic feeling home – a barn on the outside, but something barren and boring on the inside.  Let’s take a look at what goes into making a great barn.

The Walls

Your exterior walls could be made of timber, brick or stone, depending on the area the barn is in.  It’s important that you repair them like for like, to keep the style of the barn unchanged.  Older barns will be solid; there will be no cavity to the wall, so you will need to add some insulation internally – potentially cladding the wall, so that you can keep the barn warm and comfortable to live in. If possible, clad the interior with a similar material to the exterior, so that you still have some authentic ‘features’ on the inside.  Partition walls can either be of a modern material, faux brick or stone, or contrasting materials. Which of those you choose will come down to personal preference – but try to find a way to keep some distinction between old and new.

Timber framed barns are less difficult to work with – you can break down the wall, add a layer of insulation, then put the wall back together – keeping as much of the original material as possible, and using like-for-like new timber where you must.  Sometimes, you will find that parts of the barn have been damaged by pests or by damp, and you’ll need to cut back that damaged wood and replace it with fresh wood or raise the plinth. Usually, a lot of the wood can be salvaged, however.

The Roof

The roof is usually the most iconic part of the barn. Again, you will probably need to add insulation to make the barn weather-proof. If the rafters are made from a particularly interesting timber, then you might want to leave them exposed, and insulate between the rafters and over them – this means raising the height of the roof very slightly, but it is worth doing.  You may find that the barn’s roof is twisted or warped – but this is often something that adds character to the property, so don’t rush to fix it completely – just try to make the roof weatherproof, without removing too much of its ‘personality’.

Windows and Doors

Again, barns are rather unique when it comes to windows and doors, and picking out the right barn door hardware will help you to retain that uniqueness. You will need to do some research into what barns in your area looked like – you can’t just go online and buy ‘barn door hardware’ and expect it to match.  Plan carefully, and if you’re going to add a new opening such as an extra window or a new door, make sure that the proportions make sense and the detailing is sympathetic.

You may be allowed to use a contemporary style for the new opening, but check with the local planning authority first, and think carefully about whether it’s what you really want to do as well – once you start tearing barn apart, it will never be the same again, and if it’s a period property then you’re doing something that could decrease its resale value. You may be better off trying to keep as many original features as possible – as long as you are getting enough natural light in the property, and it is safe and comfortable inside.  If there are original windows in place, but they have been boarded over, consider repairing them instead.

Barn conversions are amazing projects to work on, and great places to live as well. If you’re thinking of renovating a barn, best of luck with the project. We think you’ll love the finished result.



Why Channellock Tools Are The Best

If you are planning to purchase hand tools, then one brand should definitely be on top of your list: Channellock. For over 120 years, Channellock has been producing some of the best hand tools in the world. Indeed, their brand name has become synonymous to hand tools, most particularly pliers. Aside from their distinctive blue hand grips, Channellock is also known for maintaining a tradition of innovation. In this resource, you’ll learn the history of the company and why Channellock tools remain second to none.

The History Of Channellock

George B. DeArment founded the company in 1886. He made a living as a blacksmith in Evansburg, Pennsylvannia. He first found success by hand-forging farrier’s tools. Out of the back of a wagon, these tools were sold from one town to the next. After a few years of hard work, the business was later called the Champion Bolt and Clipper Company.

The company moved to a new facility measuring 12,000 square feet in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1904. Their product line was expanded to include pinchers, open-end wrenches and nippers. J. Howard DeArment and Almon W.,sons of George B. DeArment, became business partners in 1911. They were responsible for furthering the product line once more to include hammers. The company moved to a 33,000-square-foot facility in 1923, which is the same one in operation today. In 1927, the company name was changed to Champion-DeArment Tool Company.

In 1933 Howard Manning, the company’s chief engineer, created the tongue-and-groove, slip-joint pliers. This became the company’s most popular product. A patent for the innovative tools was granted in 1934 and 15 years later, the name Channellock was trademarked.

Today, Channellock has two facilities both located in Meadville. It is being managed by the DeArment family’s fifth generation.

What Makes Channellock Products Special?

It’s safe to say that professionals from different industries that make use of hand tools have Channellock in their tool boxes and tool belts. This is a testament to the quality, durability and reliability of the company’s tools. But what is it with Channellock tools that make them the industry standard?

From the very beginning, Channellock has made it a point to only manufacture and sell hand tools of the highest quality. Even though some people wouldn’t know the difference between different kinds of pliers and other tools, Channellock continues to remain the biggest innovator, releasing new product lines that make use of the latest technology has to offer.

According to the company, all of their pliers are manufactured at either of its facilities in Meadville. This ensures that the products go through the same manufacturing and quality control processes. Each tool is designed to deliver the most precise work. What’s more, they are created using high quality materials that can stand the test of time. Even the trademarked blue grips add functionality to the products, making them extremely comfortable to use even on the most physically exhausting tasks.

Where To Buy Channellock Hand Tools?

The best way to get your hands of Channellock hand tools is by using their store locator. This enables you to quickly find the nearest store that offers their products. You can also purchase their tools online by visiting online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. This provides the added benefit of seeing reviews from happy and satisfied users. You’ll see that virtually all of the Channellock products have plenty of high ratings, which only proves how great they truly are.

How To Take Care Of Your Hand Tools?

Even though Channellock products are known for their quality, this doesn’t give you license to neglect properly maintaining them. Remember that hand tools are an investment, so you want to get the most out of them by learning how to care for them properly.

The first thing to remember is to use the right hand tool for the job. Using a tool for a job it isn’t designed to accomplish can inevitably cause damage. It’s also a good idea to store your tools in a dry place to avoid rust. When the tools get wet, make it a habit to wipe them dry before storing them in your tool box. In addition, you must avoid exposing your tools to extreme temperatures. And don’t forget to clean your tools regularly. Buildup of dirt, dust and grime can cause tools to not function properly.

Channellock tools are simply the best. You can ask any professional that uses hand tools and there’s a high chance the person will recommend the use of Channellock products. Their company continues to remain the industry leader after 100 years in business, which only goes to show the level of quality, precision and innovation they put in creating their products.



Top Milwaukee Tools and Essential Power Tools For Any DIY Enthusiast

Milwaukee tools are among the best and the most popular in the market today, and everyone from craftsmen to professionals rely on these tools to get the job done. Among the top  Milwaukee tools are the driver drills, band saws, and the Sawzall reciprocating saws, which will are going to take an in-depth look at in this read.

The Milwaukee Driver Drills

The high-performance Milwaukee driver drills are renown for incredible power, comfort and fantastic run time. The Milwaukee compact dill measures only 9 ¼ inches long and weights just 5.4 pounds and can deliver up to 650 pounds of torque. The robust M18 Compact 1/2 Inch Drill Driver Kit, an example of the compact drills, offers an all-metal gear case and chunk which gives maximum impact as well as shock durability. The driller ideally boasts of 2.9 lbs, LED lights, 18V and a torque of up to 500 in-lbs. Above all, it has a compact design that allows better accessibility in tighter work spaces. With such a tool, work has never been easier.

The Milwaukee Sawzall

The M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw is arguably the most durable reciprocating saw tool out there. The device weighs just 7 pounds and delivers the best power to weight ratio there is. The machine also has a keyless QUIK-LOK blade clamp and which enables fast and easy blade changes. Ideally, it features a counterbalance mechanism which reduces vibration to give the user more control and less fatigue.

Milwaukee Band Saws

If you consult professionals in the construction field, they will tell you that Milwaukee band saws are the top of their choices. The durable build of these machines includes ball bearing construction, self-lubricating systems, chain drive and worm gear mechanisms that do not require oiling. The rugged designs ascertain that the power tool will last, and the saw’s incredible power keeps the blade’s speed ever high making it easy to work with the gadget.

The latest in the line of cordless Milwaukee tools features the ergonomic and powerful M18 system. Generally, any tool that features the M18 system in the market has the best power and torque. The M18 system consists of a lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than any other competing system. In addition to longevity, these M18 tools boast of best in class performance, versatility, and power. No wonder the outstanding 5-year warranty.

Power Tools

Before you engage in any DIY home improvement project, you will need your own toolbox so that you can do the job properly. Well, there are only a couple of handy tools that you really need to to make house repairs simple and time efficient as well. So, let’s take a look a few of them:

Cordless Electric Drill

If you’ve ever tried replacing door knobs or hanging blinds, then you certainly know how long of a process it can be when using a conventional manual screwdriver. So, you might want to get your hands or a cordless drill, preferably one that’s electric. This will ensure that you save a lot of time on those annoying but necessary home repairs. This essential power tool will ideally mitigate the elbow and wrist pain usually experienced after houses of pushing and twisting.

A Level

A level makes everything from installing closet rods to hanging pictures a breeze. If you wish to take a step further, you can go for the latest laser levels that make the job easier by lining up multiple items.

Multipurpose Screwdriver

Not every home improvement job calls for power tools. For the smaller tasks, ensure that you have a screwdriver that features interchangeable heads. This tool relieves you from the need of having a higher array of screwdrivers.

Claw Hammer

Forget the Stiletto hammers and get yourself a hammer that will do a good pounding. Go with a hammer with a comfortable handle and a claw design. The soft handle mitigates the strain on your hand, and the claw design makes it easier to remove nails.

Whatever you wish to craft or repair, remember that Milwaukee offers the best in-line tools to get the job done. The company not only provides the most rugged, ergonomic, powerful and affordable tools but unmatched 5-year warranties. That being said, ensure that you are packed with the best Milwaukee power tools.